About us

Blue Sapphire Entertainment Malayalam Television.

Situated in Toronto in Association with Tamil Entertainment Television (a high Definition 24-hour Tamil network catered towards the South Asian Community). From local to international production, it has been a primary priority of BSE Malayalam TV Limited is to exhibit the best of what matters to its viewers, molded with immense structure and delivery towards all age demographic.


As a community based company, BSE Malayalam TV Limited is mindful to local artists and their talents, as it strives to provide a platform to promote Kerala's art, music and culture. BSE Malayalam TV ensures that its programming is affordable to its viewers of all economic backgrounds.

As viewers place their expectations on quality entertainment, BSE Malayalam TV will continue to excel, as it merges excellence and creativity exclusively, bringing forward BSE Malayalam TV Limited at its finest.

Having a diverse crowd with great expectations, it has become the mission and vision of BSE malayalam TV Limited to provide premium entertainment to its viewers.


We have launched our BSE Malayalam TV Limited in January 2017 to entertain the South Asian community in North America. BSE Malayalam TV will strive to take Canadian Entertainment the next step forward with your time and support. We will continue to deliver our original programs and quality services to our sponsors ensuring to make every moment count.